What does my TSO membership annual fee cover?

Your TSO annual membership fee supports the overall organization’s mission to serve others and covers some of our operational costs including but not limited to our Tennis Soles for Others program.

What does my TSO membership annual fee cover?2017-07-19T19:54:09-07:00

Why should I join TSO?

As a TSO member, you become a part of a team of ladies who use their tennis passion to serve others. You become a part of something greater than what you can achieve alone. Collectively we can do so much more to help others by combining many hands and hearts to serve others.

Why should I join TSO?2017-07-19T19:56:40-07:00

What are TSO member benefits?

As a TSO member, you will receive first opportunity to participate in our service projects or round robins before we open it to the public. In addition, we coordinate two special general membership meetings per year just for our members. These are fun meetings, typically with a guest speaker. You will always stay informed with our quarterly newsletter. And as a member, you have a voice in choosing our beneficiaries and most of our beneficiaries have come from member suggestions.

What are TSO member benefits?2017-07-19T19:56:48-07:00
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