Third Quarter 2016

VP of Fundraising Set Jill Behrle

We are excited to announce the theme of our spring luncheon will be WIMBLEDON! Cheers, Guvna! Our Tennis Soles for Others program is going strong. We have bins set up in Laguna Niguel Racquet Club, Life Time San Clemente, Tustin Hills Racquet Club, Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis Club, Mission Viejo, Racquet Club of Irvine, Marguerite [...]

VP of Fundraising Set Jill Behrle2018-08-08T07:08:20-07:00

VP of Beneficiary Set Kristine Michaels

Hello, Tennis Serves Others Members. First, I would like to announce our TSO Beneficiary committee: Morgan Amirani, Barb Lanni, Mary Crosby, Kat Frost, Kelly Grunbeck, Cindi Johnson, and Karyn Whitham. Thank you all for volunteering to serve with me. Congratulations to TSO for filling the needs of so many through our Tennis Soles for Others [...]

VP of Beneficiary Set Kristine Michaels2018-08-08T07:04:10-07:00

VP of Membership Set Kelly Altuzarra

We are now up to 69 members and growing! We recently had members join from San Clemente, Mission Viejo, Nellie Gail, and Newport Beach tennis clubs. We have chapters Life Time San Clemente, Mission Viejo, RCI and Newport Beach! Please spread the news about Tennis Serves Others and help get more people involved. The more [...]

VP of Membership Set Kelly Altuzarra2018-08-08T06:59:31-07:00

VP of Social Set Stacy Gavin

Thank you to all the members who attended our first ever member meeting at Three Arch Bay Beach on August 31. Save the date: December 8, for our next general membership meeting at Laguna Niguel Racquet Club! Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only [...]

VP of Social Set Stacy Gavin2018-08-08T06:57:16-07:00

Treasurer’s Set Marcia Patterson

On August 17, a Live Ball event was held with 16 participants. We collected $320, which will be used for Tennis Soles for Others expenses, including delivery costs of the shoes to different countries. A new bin was placed at Nellie Gail in early September. On Sept 9, Nellie Gail hosted a fundraiser that we [...]

Treasurer’s Set Marcia Patterson2018-08-08T06:54:32-07:00

Secretary’s Set Stacy Ison

Thank you, members, for being shining examples of being the change you want to see in the world. I will be moving to Portland, Oregon, soon after this newsletter is published–allowing space for a new secretary to be on the ground here, helping to keep Tennis Serves Others organized, staying on top of corporate requirements, [...]

Secretary’s Set Stacy Ison2018-08-08T06:57:50-07:00

President’s Set

I would like to extend a welcome to our newest members. We're happy to have you join us as we collectively volunteer within our community. Tennis Serves Others is planning some great events coming up in November and December. On November 21st at Laguna Niguel Racquet Club, we will have a ladies round robin benefitting [...]

President’s Set2018-08-06T22:38:07-07:00

Message From the Founder

 Love All, Ladies! I hope you had a great time at our first membership gathering at Three Arch Bay Beach. It was a fun way to connect, learn more about Tennis Serves Others, and to listen to our speaker, Tom Brennan, on becoming “winners.” Kudos to Stacy Gavin, our VP of Social, who did a [...]

Message From the Founder2018-08-06T13:50:40-07:00